"I'm Maria and i very much like Alexander David Turner, glitter, pink, male models, miu miu and u readin dis right now :) " ✖ ✖

found my mums old perfumes🙊💛


UP (at Disneyland)



do u ever sing under ur breath and its rly good so u try singing with ur normal voice and 


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Pink again.


i love myself

ew what is this
Anonymous wrote: my dreams are: I want to kiss and cuddle alex turner all day long, I want to fall asleep next to him, buy coffee together, laugh at each others stupid jokes at 3am, I want to tour with him, I want to get to know Jamie, matt and nick. and best of all I want alex to write a love song about me


Are you in love with Alex? That’s fucking weird

ew what do you mean cuddle with alex turner yeek

silky-sand wrote: HEY :) you are on my faves page! just letting you know. i love your blog :)

aww i forgot to answer that :/ thanks a million girl, it means so so much to me, seeing people liking my blog! take care xox

Anonymous wrote: hello bae

hello sexy little swine :’)) how have you been? xxx